Monday, August 28, 2006

Small problem

I have a small problem people. I'm really good at keeping my Karma level, and making sure I don't screw it up. But I don't know what to do with this one...... I have an old friend who's not talking to me, and I'm not talking to her. I won't go into details...But she's a total ball buster. She comes off as sweet and innocent and proclaims to EVERYONE how honest she is....But it's really a big lie, maybe one that she only tells herself, but she's dishonest as the day is long, and has a tendency, when she's being ignored, to run major scams. I never cared because I felt if people fall for the scams they deserve what they get. Right? Ohhhh I know it was wrong, but I liked her, and didn't want to get her upset! My only excuse.

Now the problem, I received an e-mail, from an address I didn't know, but seemed familiar so I opened it. And it was from one of this girls "best friends". I have no idea why he/she wrote me, must have gotten my email address off of this other friends computer... And because I'm older decided to write... At least this seems to be what happened.

Well, they found out about the scam's. They said they just started to put things together about her, and it's coming out with red flags, they questioned me about a bunch of stuff.... I refused to answer about the other stuff (it's not my place!)

But they persisted, and they spoke especially about one thing. They found out about the scams this girl plays on a certain hotel, and asked me if they should write the hotel and let them know about it! I immediately wrote back and said NO! Don't do it!!!!

Not because I don't believe she deserves it, but because I'm sure she'll think it was me. I didn't put anything else in the e-mail besides the "NO", because I didn't want an e-mail from me getting around, especially if this was just another scam from the girl herself.... She sooooo enjoys being furious at people...She loves to rant and rave how they mistreated her, and were bad to her.... It's another way she keeps the attention on her, and her alone.

Now what should I do? Should I send an anonymous e-mail to her telling her that one of her "best friend's" is about to rat her out, should I warn her? Or should I just let it go???? I'm really torn about this!!!

I blocked her "friend" from my e-mail, so that I don't get anymore letters, and I kept the letter in case I had to defend myself... The email address would betray the "friend"......I have to cover my ass you know.

Now should I just ignore this all, or let her know.... What do you think?