Sunday, August 13, 2006

More of the tired grandma

Well, I think I've recovered. LOL My sunburn is still a tiny bit tender in spots.... But basically it's all tan now. And I managed to catch up with my sleep. LOL

And>>>>>>>>>> I found out that my favorite childhood spot to go crabbing, is still there, and is still free!!!! So I can go anytime I want to, all the way into October some time!!! Plus, it's a great spot for fishing also. Looking forward to getting some flounder and blues this year Fantastic!!!

The baby was soooooo funny! At one point we caught her putting milk on her toes with the bottle, and then licking it up. Giggle. And then we caught her snacking on the crunchy cat food!!! We laughed our selves sick! But she's a sweetie

I managed to vacuum all the crumbs up. Giggle those kids are a hoot, but there were crumbs EVERYWHERE! But all in all we had a fantastic time.

I gave Jaime a picnic table and umbrella, and also some beach chairs for her back yard. (why I had like 5 of them I have no idea!) And she called last night to tell me that they were sitting outside on it, eating dinner. I hope she gets more use out of it than I did. I put it up every year, but never actually sat there. Now I have room on my patio to put a nice large covered swing. I can sit out there and read during the good weather. LOL

Jaime brought me one of her hubbie's old monitors, so I can go back on line at last!!!!! I really had withdrawal pains when I couldn't get on my computer! I'm glad to be back on line again!!!! But I miss my flat screen monitor, and when I get some money I'll buy another one. The old types take up the whole desk! They are so huge!!!

Now, next week, on wendsday I have to run up to Barb's and spend a few days. I'm going to leave early and check on Mom's house before I hit her place. It should be nice, we haven't managed to get together almost all summer. Both our schedules were really filled to the max. So we're going shopping (she's looking for new wallpaper for her kitchen), and outside in her pool, and generally chill and catch up on our talking.

I wrote the home and garden network (HGTV) who does all the "fix it" shows, about how I HATE my kitchen, and would love to know how to get it re-done for next to nothing..... And they actually wrote back to me!!!! 5 times!!!! Each time asking for more pictures of the house, kitchen, and us!!!! There might be a chance that I'll get my kitchen re-done on TV!!!!! Now I'm excited! Even if I'm not picked, it was at least nice of them to show such interest!!! But, I HOPE I'M PICKED!!!!!