Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Witchy Winter Care

Getting ready for fall and winter is a full time witchy thing. Time to gather the herbs, cut and tie them and hang them from windows to dry. Don't wait too long for this, when it gets cooler they will lose their potency!!!! Cut them early in the morning, tie the stems together with a natural or cotton twine or string, and hang them (stems up) in a cool, dry, shady spot...Either outside or inside, to dry. Time to cut up the rest of the veggies and dry them out.. Also for winter use.

I have to cozy up my house. In the summer I tend to declutter, and in the winter I clutter up a bit to give it a warm atmosphere. Like putting down area rugs, changing the curtains to a warmer winter color. Getting bowls of potpourri ready to keep the house smelling good with the windows closed (though the hanging herbs really help with that) Getting mint dried and ready for hot mint tea on cold winter nights. Clean out your closets and such also.

I also have to gather acorns to burn at Yule. Burning acorns, then checking for patterns in the ashes, is an old tradition for future telling about the coming year.

I have to buy some mums. And make sure I'm stocked up with soup ingredients. Nothing like hot homemade soup on a cooooold winter day! Also have to stock up on some winter foods that I usually don't make in the summer (it's just too hot to cook them) And such things as pumpkin scones to set the mood.

I also need to clean out my shed. Make sure all the summer stuff is put away, and the winter stuff is within easy reach. Nothing is as horrible and hunting thro a cold shed or garage, looking for Christmas decorations!!!!! I want them right there, sitting where I can reach them and then run back inside. LOL

I also want to stock up on winter projects. Things that can be done in the house during the cold spell. Like crafts, good books, and home decorating projects. Things you don't want to do when it's hot out! I have a few projects that I'm planning for the cooler months.

some simple rules of thumb for winter:

Mulch your plants! Big one's little one's doesn't matter, add a fresh layer of Mulch around them to protect them. You can use grass clippings or bagged mulch.

Cut down all the old growth. Like removing tomato plants...Don't let them rot in the ground all winter, this causes mold and fungus.

Bring your houseplants inside. One cool night could kill them all off in a blink of an eye.

Also wash all the plant pots your going to store for the winter in a very deluded mix of water and bleach. This prevents plant fungus and diseases from growing during the winter. And when you use them in the spring, they are clean and fungus free!!! And remember to put them away!!!!! Leaving out an empty plastic plant pot will just cause it to crack during the winter.

Do your winterizing! Check seals on windows and doors to see if some has to be added or replaced. Winter is not the time to find that your front door is letting the breeze in!!

Fall is time for painting your walls. Keep all the windows open, and paint and refresh everything. The house will air out before winter hits, and your house will look great

Replace all the protection spells around your house. This should be done at least twice a year, spring and fall. Open the windows and re spell the inside of the house with salt, and follow by doing the outside of the house also. A good tip also is the crumbled Bay leaves sprinkled outside all your doorways. When evil crosses a bay leaf it will reveal it's true nature to you. So I leave a line of them crumbled up outside all my doorways.

Don't forget to give all your altar items a good wash in salt to get rid of all the bad vibes they picked up over the summer. I do that in the spring and fall.