Thursday, August 24, 2006


I have "ONE" bedroom shoe missing. Just one, always put them in the same place, but when I looked.... Only one was there!!!! It was there just a week ago!!!! And I never moved it!!!!

I have one large ceramic frog missing...... I have his hat, but he's gone

I have one valance for a set of curtains missing..... Have the curtains,,,, but no valence, even though the valance would stand out because it's heavily beaded!!!!

I HATE HOUSE TROLLS!!! The least they could do is take "ALL" of something, not just half or one. SIGH


Dreamers Night said...

it's only because your cat is a spy, and sent on a mission to try and drive you insane so he can take over your's not the trolls..but shhhh you don't want him to hear you. He is hidding all your stuff till the rest of his cat crew can come and remove them perminatly from your house, and place them and you under servaliance.