Tuesday, September 12, 2006


You know, I was just thinking about a friend of mine, early morning memories. LOL And they are so alive, they dance, drink (sometimes way to much) and love a party!'

Let me tell you guys, I'm soooooo boring!!!! I don't drink much, just an occasional fancy drink. I just don't like alcohol!

That's right, I don't like it!!!!! I don't like it's effect on my body, and it doesn't have much of an effect really. I can drink a ton, get a slight buzz, then zip, I'm sober again. So what's the use of drinking???? And that leads to going to party's. Everyone is drunk and acting really stupid, and I'm sitting there sober as a judge....It's NOT FAIR! And so, I don't go to many party's because of that. People just have no idea how stupid they look and act when they are drunk!

Dancing???? Well surfice to say, I STINK! I took 20 years of ballet, tap, and ball room dancing...... Rhythm, I don't got! A slow dance in the arms of a strong handsome man, every once in a while is cool, but I don't go to clubs or party's, I never have!

My idea of a great evening...... And this is the pathetic part, is hanging around talking with friends, or the best of the best.... Sitting home with a good book, a cup of tea, and peace and quiet

I was always like that. My sister spent years trying to get me out to "Frat party's" at the local university. I just couldn't force myself to go. I would rather climb a nice tree, with a book, and read away. SIGH Even at these conventions, I would rather sit and talk then go to the big party's!

So I guess that makes me the most boring person in the world. I missed so much in life.... At least that what THEY say..... I don't feel that. Sure, I can't laugh a memory's of some jock getting drunk and puking in the punch bowl, or other disgusting things, but I've had a happy, serene life. Can you ask for more?

I go outside and work in the garden, or go look at the stars, or walk the beach, and watch the waves and pick up shell's. I enjoy nature, a good book, a cup of tea, the smell of fresh coffee....... I guess that makes me boring, doesn't it?

I know I'm not much fun, party wise that is, and friends are always trying to make me to one party or another.... And I just can't seem to force myself to go!!!! I like a person, think they are intelligent, sweet, smart, pretty....Then I go to a party and see them drunk and stupid????? I'd rather remember them the other way, then the drunk way. Is that wrong???

So tell you what, get a good book, and some snacks, and join me sitting on a sunny beach. We will talk about things, life, religion, shopping, and we will enjoy the sun and the sea air, and LIVE! Then go off to your party, get drunk, dance stupid, and regret what you did in the morning.... If you can remember..... And I'll remember the sound of the waves, laughter of the children, and the way the sun shines on the water..... Who has it better???? Don't ask me, because I'm sure it's me, and I know your sure it's you. LOL

I often think that in a past life I was a Nun. I could see me living a life of quiet solitude, and meditation....Because I do that now....Without the religion thing...Except for my witchcraft of course. Or maybe in the last life I was a party girl, who danced and drank herself to death. Who knows. But I do remember the first time I realized that books could take you to a whole different world. I was just in knidergarden, and the teacher read a short story to the class, by Zinna Henderson, about "the people" people with special powers, and they could fly and levatate... and I said WOW WOW WOW. and I was hooked on reading!!!!!!!!

Small things make me ecstatic! A good book, working in the garden, decorating my house, eating lobster or shopping in a place with cool eclectic stores. I orgasm thinking about going to a good book store and being able to buy ANY book I want. LOL I'M SOOOOOO BORING! But, I'm happy, and isn't that what counts?