Saturday, September 09, 2006

Decorating problems solved!!!

There is only a tiny bit of BLUE in the curtains pictured. The reason it seems so blue is because they are taffeta, and have a sheen to them, and for some reason it shows blue on the camera....But they aren't they are 2 shades of sage, yellowish rust, and gold. I LOVE THEM.

I needed new curtains for the living room, something to warm the room up for winter, and these are perfect. The nice thing is that they are actually very sheer. So during the day they look like shears and at night they are dark and cozy. Nice.

They also solved my bedroom problem. Because I brought the old gold curtains into my bedroom to store them in the closet, and found out that my bedspread has gold running thro it!!!!!! You couldn't actually see it before because my curtains were dark blue...It just looked beige. Now the room shines!!!! With the black furniture with gold accents, and some plants in gold pots, and copper pots, the gold curtains make my bedroom look beautiful!!!! So I didn't have to buy a new bedspread!!!!! Yippie!!!!!

All I need now is a nice 8X10 rug for under the coffee table. I think in sage, and I want to get a shag carpet!!! (HOLY 70'S BATMAN!!!!) But it's all the rage now, and would look so comphy there by the coutch!