Friday, September 29, 2006

Drying your Herbs

This is how easy it is.

Late in September, to the first week in October, go out in the morning and cut your herbs. Cut down to about 1-2 inches from the ground. Bundle them in small bunches, and tie the cut ends with "White COTTON String", or "natural twine". (Then hang them upside down (bloom end towards the floor) in a nice window, or just on the walls. I usually use a thumb tack and tack them to the window frame.

Let them sit there for about a month.

Not only will your kitchen smell WONDERFUL, but you saving yourself the money you would spend to buy the spices in the store. I have Rosemary, and Lavender hanging in my kitchen right now, but you can do any herb. I also have Chives, but I prefer to cut them into peices and freeze the chives... I don't care for the taste of dried ones. But you can do this with Parsley, Basil, and many more garden herbs!!!

When dry, take them down and with your fingers, strip the herbs from the stem, into a tupperwear container. Seal, and there you go!!!!! Fresh dried herbs for your winter cooking.