Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nature's remedies

The recent thing with the spinach sold at stores making people sick, brings up a pet peeve of mine. I had some of that spinach, from a salad bar, and I was sick for a week. Little sick, cramps, diarrhea, that's about it. Annoying but not even enough to think of going to a doctors!

Natural ways to keep healthy. My dad told me once that the "world is full of germs, don't try to kill them, try to live with them". And that's what I've done. Just think about all thoes people who DID LIVE thru some nasty plauges. Like the black death, or the major flu epidemic in the 20's. Why did they survive????? maybe it was because their body had built up natural immunitys to the nasty stuff!!!!

Expose yourself!!! To germs that is. DON'T use antibacterial handwash stuff!!!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!! Oh, Goddess, and that cleaning BLEACH SPRAY!!!! NO, NO, NO, NO!

All your doing is setting yourself up to a germ that is resistant to it, and that's not a good thing.

Food drops on the floor, hell if it's not sitting in a dirt pile, eat the damn thing. When you do that your bringing into your body bacteria, and germs on a tiny scale...... And if you know your medical information....... The shots you get as a kid to prevent disease....Well, hate to tell you, but it's actually the disease in small doses. Your body gets used to it, and when you get a full blown dose of the little nastys.... Your immune.

So, start getting yourself immune to all the baddies in your environment. DON'T wash the counter tops with bleach!!!!! Don't wash your hand after every bathroom use!!!!! Play in the dirt, go dig up a plant, or make a mud pie, or just sweep up your driveway.

LET YOUR KIDS PLAY IN THE DIRT!!!! That's why it's there, let them get dirty. Don't shrink wrap and bleach spray them till they are shiny clean. This will allow large doses of toxins and such to play havoc with them!!! Getting them used to the fact that dirt is NATURAL, is the one way to protect them in the long run.

When a kid or adult gets a cut or scrape, try the least invasive way to treat it first. SOAP AND WATER!!! Wash the cut and scrape, and rinse with water that has salt added to it. Salt is a natural germ killer, and doesn't make the germs mutate into something that can't be controlled

Sore mouth...... Gargle with salt water, same goes for abscesses, salt water. And sinus infections can be treated with sniffing up some salt water also!!!!

Salt water is good for tons of stuff. Make sure it has a LOT of salt in it, and you can add some dried rosemary also. Rosemary kills germs too!!!

Also make sure the salt is the one "WITH IODINE ADDED!" You know how they treat people with radiation sickness..... Iodine..... yep, and by making sure you eat salt with the iodine, your building up a supply in your body. If the nuclear war ever comes, YOU will be the one with the most chance of survival! It helps, believe me!!!!

Bladder infection, make your piss acidic. Cranberry juice is good for that, or real lemonade. Acid kills the bacteria that causes the problem, so try to use the natural way first!

I don't say not to go to the doctors. Ear infections, and worse, yes go, run to the doctor.....But try to prevent him from giving NEW AND IMPROVED DRUGS! Go with the basic of penicillin if you can. It's a natural antibiotic. You know, mold that grows on bread....yep that penicillin. Yuckie isn't it!

Oh, and MOVEMENT! As we get older we tend to hold our body's stiffer. Why? Who the hell knows, maybe because everything tends to hurt as you get older. But your digestion is dependent on your body's movement.

Gas will build up, and so will toxins in your colon. Now, just twist your body, back and forth, wiggle your hips, and butt, SHAKE THAT BUTT!!! This allows gas's and toxins to move freely down and out of your body. Go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and swivel your hips, and lower and upper body. Sure if someone see's you they will think your totally twitchy, LOL, but at the same time your doing your insides a huge service. Releasing gas from hidden pockets, and making your bowels move, and freeing your self up!