Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, I finally cleaned out that drawer. You know the one with all the bra's that don't fit!!! Too small, too big, very, very uncomfortable....Sexy one's (who the hell needs that anymore!!!) So I went thru it all. And CHUCKED THEM!!! I found myself saying..... hummmm, maybe I should keep that one.... I know it doesn't fit, way to tight, but it's sexy!) And then I slapped my own face, and put it in the bag to go to the garbage.

Then I went thru the underwear. Tell me, why do we keep underwear that's torn and the elastic has snapped???? Because it's comfortable?? Well, no more, it's garbage.

Even as I placed the stuff in the bag, I wanted to rummage around the bag and bring some stuff back out.... But I stopped myself!!! Sometimes you just have to move on to new, and let the old stuff go!!!!

But as I put my old RED lace bra in the bag, I remembered how it drove Darrence MAD WITH PASSION!!! And I sort of felt bad, memories you know. Then I remembered what an asshole Darrence was..... and I wanted to go out in the front yard AND BURN THAT BABY!!!! GIGGLE