Saturday, April 14, 2007

Banging head against the wall!!!!!!

You know what? I HATE when a small chore turns into a HUGE ONE!!!!

This year, as part of my spring cleaning, I decided that the dryer vent should be vacuumed out. Small job, sure, everyone who has any kind of brains at all will do that every few years, or risk a fire..... right????

Well, sure, that's why 4 years after buying the house, I decided I should do it. DUHHHHHH!!!!!!

My dryer is in a small space attached to the kitchen, behind doors. So to start the project I had to remove the doors to get at the dryer. No problem.

Then I had to scooch the dryer out from the space, slowly. No problem

Then I had to climb BEHIND the dyer, small space, enough to work in, but that's about it. No problem.

Once back there the problems started. Shit!!!! the dryer hose to the outside is one of those stupid plastic ones that aren't used anymore..... why because they RIP! And let bugs and animals in the house. Well this one was ripped in a few places...... no problem

Then I decided to check even further. Removing the hose, revealed MAJOR PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!

The hose wasn't installed right, and inside the dryer..... inside where the electric is, was COATED WITH A HUGE AMOUNT OF LINT!!!!! THE WHOLE INSIDE. No problem

Got the vacuum out, and vacuumed the inside of the dryer, reaching in with my hands to grab stuff, and bring it out.

When I'm telling you I had a whole garbage bag of lint when I was done.... I'm NOT exaggerating!!!!!

Not a problem to do, but if I hadn't done it, one day, something would have ignited it, a spark, or just the heat from the dryer, and FIRE!!!!!!!!

So, off I go to Home Depot. Got a new METAL hose, one that doesn't rip, got pipe clamps (there weren't any used in the install!!!!!! What fucking idiots installed that dryer!!!!! Plus, a HUGE ROLL OF DUCT TAPE!!!!

Took off everything!!!! Cleaned out all the lint. Then attached the new hose to the outside vent..... duct taped it, and then clamped it. Then did the same to the dryer part..... duct taped it, and clamped it.

Now I'm leaving out the cleaning, and the part where I had to pull out the whole dryer and tip it over so that I could get all the stuff out, and have access to the hose. That took a while, let me tell you.

Then cleaning behind the dryer, the floor and walls, and then pushing the dryer upright, and placing it back in the nook it came from. SIGH

Then of course, putting the doors back on, and sweeping all the escaped lint up off the floor, and vacuuming the rest.

I'm bushed!!!!!!!!

Small project, BIG WORK!!!! WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN!!!!!!