Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pantry Cleaning!

When I first moved in here, I looked at the coat closet in the living room, and decided that it wasn't needed............ so I put in a pantry. Some nice white wire shelving, and there you go, a good BIG pantry!

I've gotten a lot of use from it. It stores all my canned goods, boxed goods, and at the very bottom huge bags of toilet paper, cat food, and all the plastic bags I've collected over the weeks and months. (great for using as disposal of used kitty litter!!!!)

Today I did a little cleaning, getting rid of envelops of seasoning that I'll never use, like meat rubs...... Who's idea was that??? They make the meat dry and unappetizing!!! Also boxes of pasta that were opened, and never used. Plus the big culprit......... boxes of cereal with just a half a bowl of cereal left in them!!!!! (that, thanks to Matt who never finishes anything!)

Now it's nice and clean, and I can see what I'm running out of, and what I need to pick up at the store.

Gotta get some more canned veggies, and pasta, and that's about it. Oh, some soups! Always need soups, and all I have left is one can of chicken noodle. (and I'm allergic to chicken!)

So, my next shopping is for the pantry. Plus I checked out the freezer (both of them) and I could use some more meats. We are almost out of stakes and such. So, I'm going shopping and fill up everything.

Now, you have to know, the last time I did this was over 2 years ago!!!! So, it has lasted a long time!!!! And thanks to my gift, from Jamie, of a seal a meal, the meat is still fresh and cookable!!!!

I guess I take after my Mother that way. She had a huge pantry in the basement. But one thing I've learned, is that its WORTH IT!!! For times when your running low on money, and food, I never have to worry. There's always something in the pantry or the freezer to use!!!!

Been a long time since I haven't worried about food...... and believe me, before this, there were times I ran out of food, and money at the same time. And had to borrow food from friends and family!!!!!!!

Now, never a problem, always something there to eat!!!!