Monday, April 23, 2007

OK, this weekend I CLEANED!!!!!!!

Sometimes I let my Mother take over my head, and let her have her way, and this weekend was one of those times.

I started out with cleaning the windows in the kitchen (4 of them) And the ones in the living room (4 also) Inside and out!!!! Thank the goddess for tilt -in windows!!!!

After they were all sparkling clean inside and out, I went out side and using the hose I cleaned the screens also, and while I was out there I hosed down the siding and shutters on the house. This way when summer comes, and windows open, you don't get all that winter dust from the screens blowing in. Over kill much???

Then I cleaned the screen doors windows. Not bad, but big!!!

Then I changed the one screen door, that was all glass for the winter, and put up the screen there. That was a BITCH! Since the screen doors are like complicated to take off the glass and replace it with a screen. You would think it would be easy!!!!! Took over an hour!!!

Then I went outside, and vacuumed and dusted my car's interior. I took out the mats from the floor and washed them also!!!

Enough????? Nahhhhhh Never enough when Mom takes over!!!!

Then I went back inside and vacuumed the entire house, and dusted the whole thing.

Then I cleaned out my bedroom drawers!

Then I cleaned the refrigerator!!!!!! Yucky, moldy old food and crusted shelves!!!!

This all started on Saturday and ended sometime on Sunday!!!!

I did take time out to go and do a little gardening. Moved some planters around..... even though they weigh like 5 tons each! Planted this years crop of artichokes, and did some weeding in the yard. (let me tell you, crawling around over rocks to rip up weeds...... not a pretty sight!) Giggle

And put together the copper fire pit Jamie gave me. Copper my ass!!!! Pretty as can be, but was made of CAST IRON!!!! Weighed like 50 tons!!!!

Eileen saved my ass by coming over Sunday afternoon, and I took some time to sit outside on the swing and talk, we even flagged down the ice cream man and had Italian ice's. So I did get some rest. And we dared to peek in the windows of the house next door, that's empty and for sale. Nice place!

But, spring cleaning is a must for me!!! And in a day and a half, I got it all finished!!! Yippee!!!!