Friday, April 13, 2007

The Catccubus Comes!!!!!!

Many of you don't know what a succubus is. Well, its a demon that uses your sexual energy to maintain and feed itself.

In the cat world it works different. Cats feed on HEAT! A Catccubus, is a cat the feeds off your heat. GIGGLE. That's my Merlin.

I go take a nice hot bath, and who's waiting out side the door, just waiting to jump on my lap, and suck all the heat out of my nice warmed body...... but Merlin, the Catccubus!!!!

Made up word, and picture, but it sure fits!!!!! He just loves a nice warm body to feed off of. He climbs up, gets comfy, and sucks all the heat right out of you..... purrrrrrrrring all the way. GIGGLE