Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, thanks to my freaking doctor, (who by the way thinks she's a goddess, but isn't) This week I endeavored to remove all wheat from my diet (gluten free) So far so good. Not bad at all, you have to read the ingredients, but then I do that already to check for eggs. Eating lots of rice, (because bread is a no no!!!) and of course sweets.

But today I decided to try Rice bread that I picked up at the health food store, along with rice chips (sour cream and onion flavor), and cookies, that look like fig newtons, but have no flour, and they have raspberry's in them.

All were fantastic! The bread had a heavy smell of yeast when untoasted, but when toasted it tasted a lot like the breakfast bread made by my grandmom. Light and fluffy! And the cookies were yummm, very raspberry, and the crust thick and slightly chewy. Not bad at all. The rice chips...... well, I can't eat potatoes, so if I close my eyes and use a dip, tastes pretty good.

This doesn't seem like such a bad thing after all.

I'm losing all my puffiness, in my fingers and feet, and I do feel pretty good, a little more energetic..... which she assures me will get even better when all the wheat is out of my system. So, I'm granting her that she was right, and admitting that my wheat allergy has gotten worse...... mainly because of the fact I can feel a BIG difference, and it's only been less then a week.

OK, well, she's good, still not a goddess, but good. GIGGLE

Oh, and I finally received the magnets that I'm selling at shore leave today. NICE!!!! I was worried that because I found them so cheap, that I wouldn't like them..... but they are really nice ones.

I got a mix of Fairy's (made a mistake ordering one of the fairy ones, and ordered 2 packs of 10 instead of one, but they are pretty, and hopefully will sell!), dragons, pirate ones, some with I love my captain, and lots of Wicca ones..... that along with the tiny little boxes, the mortar and pestles, my copper cauldrons, and the super"Secret Item" (that I've been working my butt off making for the last 2 weeks!!!!!) it all should be enough to satisfy any customer at shore leave.

More then enought I think, since Eileen is sharing a table with me, and she has her jewerly and the odd, but cute rubber duckies! Yippee!