Sunday, April 08, 2007

sinus infections

If your sinuses are giving you a hard time with the changing seasons, these are some practical guidelines to relieving them.

Coping with AllergiesRecurrent sinus infections are commonly due to persistent allergies or if it is seasonal, hay fever. Also, many people who are affected by chronic fatigue syndrome have been found to have sinus disease.

Treat the hay fever first and once the allergies subside, the sinus condition will get a break from the incessant inflammation caused by allergic reactions and should improve.

You may want to focus on strengthening your immune system, as well, to prevent infections. Here are some tips for clearing up allergies:

Irrigate your nose with saline (warm salt water) twice daily.

Reduce allergy-load on your body by avoiding mucus-producing foods like dairy, wheat, and sugar.

Take bee pollen supplement and the herb stinging nettle.

Use an air purifier in your home, as well as in your workspace, if possible.

Exercise indoors with filtered air.

Drink eight to 12 glasses of water daily.

Humming for Sinus Health Sinus disease is an impairment of normal gas exchange through the sinuses. Recent evidence indicates that you can help prevent or remedy your sinus problems by humming along to the radio or singing your favorite songs.

Studies have shown that humming improves the output of nitric oxide, an indicator of effective sinus function. Additionally, humming is similar to the traditional practice of chanting, by which sound waves draw out positive responses from your body and spirit.

For improved airflow and an improved mood, humming is one healthy habit.

Clear Up a Sinus Flare Up Easing congestion is beneficial for our longevity odds; we don't want to short the body of oxygen for even a momentary period of time. Utilizing the science of reflexology, we can treat conditions by stimulating certain points on the feet and hands that are linked with internal organs.

Reflexology can help you keep your nasal passages clear during a sinus flare up. Try this: Hold your left hand in front of you with the palm facing up. Using your right hand, squeeze the base of your little finger and "walk" the thumb and forefinger up to the end of the finger, giving a little squeeze at each step.

Repeat for each of the other three fingers. For the thumb, start at the tip and move toward the base. Now repeat with your other hand.

Sneezing Strategies

Sneezing is a localized reaction of the sinuses to environmental irritants. If you are suffering from severe sneezing, review your surroundings to see if you have specific sensitivities to environmental triggers. Look at these:

Do you have pets, and are they allowed in the bedroom?
If you are experiencing an allergic reaction to pet dander, they should be kept away from the bedroom.

For 30 minutes before going to bed, open all windows and doors to the bedroom, and aerate the room.

You may also want to avoid down pillows and comforters and switch to a hypoallergenic detergent to wash your bedding and clothes.

Drink lots of ginger tea.