Saturday, April 28, 2007

Humming and Hawwwwing is done!

After a few months trying to decide what color or fabric I should do the dinning room chairs...... I've decided, and it's done.

Yes, It's leopard print!!!!
I've been Gothing up my living room the last few months. The darker curtains in shades of rust, green, blue, and gold. The dried blood red shagg carpeting. But I couldn't decide on the chairs.

I was going to do them black. Now, you see, there is a reason.
Merlin thinks that the dinning room chairs are his little home. He loves sitting under the table on the chairs...... and leaves BLACK HAIR all over them!!!! They, of course, were originally pastel blue and pink when I got them. (yack, but JC pennies didn't have nice colors back then)

So I wanted to go dark to keep the cat fur from showing.

But you know the real reason???? I LOVE LEOPARD PRINT!!!! Yeah, it's this total hang up with me. But I LOVE IT!!!

And with the curtains, and cast iron and amber light fixture, the Leopard rocks!!!!!

My house, my colors!!!!! And I know a certain someone, related to me, (you know the one the house fell on! ding dong!) will have a problem with that, and I'm sure I'll get many snide remarks.

But In the long run IT'S MY FUCKING HOUSE!!!!
Now for the kitchen. Hummmmmm, wonder if they make leopard print wall paper???? GIGGLE