Thursday, February 28, 2008

How does your garden grow?

OK. This is what I have from last year.

2 Large planters with blueberry bush's (they produced tons last year, so this year should be tons more)

1 planter with Asparagus in it. (last year just some tiny ones, but this year should produce a handful, and next year a huge crop)

1 planter with a Scottish Broom (or witch's broom as it's commonly called)

1 planter with Garlic (garlic is planted in the fall, and will be good to pull up in august)

2 planters with rose Bush's in them.

1 empty planter that will have spinach

2 empty planter's that will have Swiss Chard, and the other a Lettuce mixture.

Then I have the cauldron, and that will be planted with flowers for the summer, I also maybe thought of turning it into a water feature, but I haven't decided yet.

In the back by the cauldron, I have rosemary, and lavender planted

I also transplanted a zebra grass back in the corner to give me some privacy from the neighbors behind me.

I also transplanted some bamboo on the other back corner, for the same reason

Plus I have the peony planted up against the house in the back

In front I have the bamboo, tiger Lilly's, zebra grass,and some tulip and daffodils

I have the lettuce, spinach and Swiss chard seeds.... all I need is the soil for those planter's and the cauldron, and I'm FINISHED! Maybe 20 large bags. YIKES!!!!

Plus I'll add a few hanging baskets to call the hummingbirds back that came last year.

Oh, I almost forgot, I will have 1..... JUST ONE tomato plant, and 1 planter with CATNIP in it. Hay why keep buying it, when I can grow it???