Tuesday, February 19, 2008

UPDATE on New Years Resultion

Well, I decided to keep going with it, even though the month of January is gone.

I'm still almost totaly vegetarian!! I do occasonaly add a very minute amount of meat (such as a little bit of sliced pepperoni in my salad). just to keep my energy up. But almost 100% veggies, cheese, and that's about it.

How to I feel? FANTASTIC!!!!!! REALLY FANTASTIC!!! My energy is up thru the roof, I'm actuall exersizing, and feeling like I could walk for miles and miles.

As for weight, well, I've lost a bunch, but since I'm NOT weighing myself, I have no idea how much. But all my pants are hanging really loose, and my shirts also are loose. I spend half the time trying to keep my pants from falling down. I did buy a size med pants, and they FIT!!!!

But, weight aside, I feel the best I have in years!!!!

No, you really can't tell I've lost weight! Seems when you have like 100 lbs of extra weight, it's not really noticable at first. Expecially since I'm wearing the same clothing, and lots of it since it's COLD!

But, like I said, this wasn't a weight thing. I'm happy with how I look, this was to get rid of the food allergys, and to get my energy back!! AND BOY IS THAT ENERGY BACK!!! It better get warm soon so that I can walk all the extra off, since I'm getting sick of cleaning!!!!