Saturday, February 02, 2008

Shore Leave

Well I fianaly got my cart from Shore Leave out of the shed and into the house. I feel realy bad, because last year, when I got home from shore leave, I just rolled the cart into the shed, and left it!

I didn't check my stock, or put the glass stuff in the house, or anything! Even the massage oils, were left where they were..... in the cold, unheated shed.

But, so far so good, everything is in good shape, the massage oils didn't burst or freeze, and I do have some bunny's left for this year.

Man!!!! I sold a whole lot of bunny's last year!!!!!!!

I only have about 20 left, and I did go out last week, and picked up 5 more bunny's at the store, they have to be dressed yet, but that should be plenty.

Besides the mortar and pestals, the copper cauldrons, witchy magnets, and other sundry items, I'll be selling mostly pierced jewerly.

Like barbells, and bellybutton rings ect. I noticed at the last shore leave, almost EVERYONE had one or more piercings there, but no one sold anything, but regular earrings...... so hopefully my stuff will sell like gangbusters!!!

The reason I'm thinking about all this, and it's not till July, is that I recieved the application for a table there, and sent it out with a check just today...... so I have to think about all this shit!

And I have to order all the peircing jewelry soon. Got a fantastic price!!!!! I can sell them almost at cost, and way below anywhere else sells them!!!!!!

I did reserve a room, and so did Eileen. And I'm going to share a room with her, but I refuse to let my rooms go till much later...... just in case, but then there is always tons of people looking for spare rooms closer to shore leave

Expecially since this is # 30!!!! And should be a BIG one!!!!!