Friday, September 05, 2008

Big Storm

We're expecting a big storm tomorrow, part of the hurricane that's hitting the southern coast.

Living in N.J. I'm used to the, as we call it, "the tail end of the hurricane", so today I got ready for it.

1. checked my supply of candles, and lighters

2. went outside and brought in, placed in the shed, or covered up, ANYTHING that could blow away or be ruined by the wind. (And that included the canopy on my outside swing, damn thing acts as a sail in high wind, and tips over the swing, maybe damaging it!)

3. tonight I will fill my newly cleaned bathtub with water. Great for flushing toilets, and for drinking water if the power goes out. (I have gas for cooking so that's never a problem.)

4. usually I buy a supply of books, cause if the power goes, so does the TV, but I didn't have money for books this time, so I'll just read over some old ones.

And there you are, I'm ready for anything. Thank the Goddess we aren't in a flood zone, and this place has NO BASEMENT.... so no pumping water out!!! Yippee!!!!

And tomorrow during the storm, I will sit and sip my tea, and eat my cheesy poofs, and re-read some good books, and enjoy my nice cozy rain day!!!!!


Storm? What storm? No high winds, just some rain, and not even tons of rain, just mostly drizzle.... ahhhh well, they were wrong again..... but I still ate my cheesy poofs. GIGGLE