Sunday, September 07, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Yesterday, before the rain, I went out and gave both blueberry bushes a heavy shot of acid fertilizer.... they are going to need it to produce huge berry's in the spring. The rain helps putting the fertilizer into the soil, better then just watering it in.

Then I went out today and planted two pots full of spinach. Spinach makes a good fall crop. It takes warm weather to germinate them, then cooler weather to keep them producing. So in late September and October I'll have tons of spinach salad!

Next thing to do is trim the rose's.... but they are still blooming, so I'll wait till the end of October or November to trim them down. A heavy pruning gives them renewed growth in the spring. I'm going to get rid of the miniature rose, it didn't do well this summer, though it did survive the winter.... I just didn't like them.

This spring I'm thinking of adding a nice dwarf tree to my lot of stuff. I'm not sure what kind, maybe a fruit tree, I'll think about it during the winter, and decide in the spring.

The Gooseberrys have doubled their size over the summer, and next year I should get a good crop of them.

That also goes for the beach plums, they have grown and survived (no watering or fertilizing for them, they like the beach soil and no care at all) so next year I should be picking and eating plums. Beach plums are small, but really strong in taste.

And of course, I'll pick some rosemary, and hang it in the kitchen to dry for next year. I used a lot this year and my stock of dried is almost gone. Thank the Goddess the rosemary LOVES were I planted it, and grows like a giant weed!!!! The smell is FANTASTIC!!!

I'll also go out today and put some water fertilizer into the earth around the front bulbs and plants. When the soil is wet with a recent rain, the fertilizer is absorbed more slowly into the plant.... and that's what you want!


I gave up on the dwarf tree after seeing what was out there, instead I decided on a bought a "Wegilia" commonly called the "Cardinal Shrub". It has pretty red flowers that the hummingbirds love, and when trimmed stays small.... also it was my Mom's favorite shrub, and her favorite bird, at the same time. My little memorial to her.


Mary said...

giggles ya know ONLY you can get away with NOT getting pinched for the Mary Mary quite con trare thingy giggles ;) giggles actually I really needed to see something like that and im glad your garden is doing so well you always have such a pretty one. :) im trying to revive my rose bush i had to move it.

Judith said...

LOL I thought of that when I put the picture in! LOL