Saturday, September 13, 2008

Listing winter chores

I do a lot of things these next few months to get ready for winter.

I know, I know, most people wait till November to get ready..... but to tell you the truth.... I HATE THE COLD!!!

One of the first things I do is go to the storage, I have a shed so it's easy, I grab all my fall decorations, Christmas stuff, winter clothing..... and put them in the FRONT of the shed... where they can be reached without digging around. Same would go if you store in the attic or basement. Anywhere it's unheated, and you just want to go, grab, and get back to the warmness. GIGGLE

Then the inside of the house things.

I rather check the weather stripping on the doors, when it's still nice and warm, then to do it when I'm freezing! And stuff like weather stripping has to be done with the door open..... so freeze, or keep warm? I'm getting it done now.

First I close all the doors on a sunny day and then look at them from the inside. If I can see light from around the frame, "weather stripping time!" Very cost effective, the self adhering weather stripping is very, very cheap, and will save you hundreds all winter long!

Usually people will get out the glass inserts for their storm doors, clean them and get them ready.... but I find that I open my doors quite a few times in the winter (shore winters tend to be milder) so I only get the glass up on the one door that I don't usually use. I leave the screens in the front door, so that if the weather is nice, I can open it up and still get some air. But the side door is only used during the summer, so the glass can go back up for the winter.

Then the windows. I have high energy efficient windows, so not a problem, but you have to open the windows, and clean out that strip where the window fits down too. After a summer of open windows, all kinds of dirt, bugs and shit have built up there.... and if the window isn't closed right because of them..... you got leakage!
Even if the window seems closed tight, those bug bumpers will allow some air to get in, so I clean them out!

I also get out my winter sheets.... those flannel or t-shirt ones, wash them, and get them ready to put on the bed. I also wash all my winter blankets, and put them where I can reach them. No digging thu closets on cold nights. Nope, I have them handy and ready.

Now, I won't do my major winter house cleaning till late October, after I do the windows and cleaning, I'll re-enforce my cleansing spell, and clean my crystals for the winter ahead. Good way to remember to renew your cleansing spell in your house is to always do it in October, and in May. Never vary, or you might forget to do it.

This October I'll do a mild spell, since it's been a pretty good summer, and I don't feel that horrible build up of bad things in the house's aura, that sometimes happens. No arguments, or people of questionable aura's have been in my house all summer.... just good people and peace.

So just a quick cleaning of crystals, and re sprinkling of salt should do just nice.


Steph said...

Okay, I'm stealing some of these ideas! They're great! And I never seem to be prepared when I need to be, so THANK YOU!!