Sunday, September 21, 2008

Did this this morning

This picture is of a small section of the work, the whole trench is over 12 feet long!!!!

This is what I did this morning. Now, I'm sure your going to be sarcastic and say "wow, she dug a 12 foot by 6 inch trench for her plants! She must be exhausted! "

But you don't know the story. That 12 foot trench was covered by 10 inches of heavy gravel!!!! I had to dig the gravel away with my hands, roll back the fabric barrier, and cut it, and move the gravel to other places in the yard!!!!!! It was a BITCH!!!!

All I wanted was a little space to plant the iris's that appeared in the cauldron, and some other bulbs that I had planted in the wrong places. But it took me almost 4 hours to clear enough space for that!!!! FUCKING GRAVEL!!!

I DID pick a lot that was graveled, so I didn't have a lawn to mow.... but I never intended to MOVE the gravel for my plants. I was ONLY going to do container plantings!!!

But you see, one thing always leads to another..... the area past the stairs, on the patio, had a drainage problem. Water wasn't draining away from the patio, and was building up, causing mold, mildew and this black gunky crap. So early this summer I dug a very small trench on the other side to drain the water.... AND IT WORKED!!! But I had this tiny trench through the gravel that looked stupid. Hence, widening it up, and using the area for planting!

My mind works in weird ways.... and not having anything to do... DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!

It worked though, and now I have a nice bed for iris's and some tiger lillys, and the peony that decided to bloom this year... I think I'll add some other iris's (to apease the Goddess) and maybe some Russian Sage.