Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cranking away!!!

I'm doing pretty good for September. I have a lot of my Christmas gifts done.

Ty and Steph..... Done

Jamie............ Done

some stuff for the kids, but they aren't close to done!!!! I'm thinking topping it off with a gift certificate to toys-R-us, instead of racking my brain trying to figure out what they have, and what mom's gonna get them. Let them pick out what they want!

Brenda and Alan got their gift early.... so they are done

Barb finally gave me some idea's for her gift!!!!! So, I'm on the hunt.

Got my Aunt Harriet something nice

And since Eileen doesn't seem to be talking to me for some strange reason,
(Don't know, and not gonna ask why) I don't have to worry about getting her anything! Besides she would just be pissed off that I'm not going to her house for the holidays anyway!

So that just leaves a few more, and I should have enough money by next month to finish up. YIPPPPPPPPPIE!!!!


Steph said...

Don't forget something for yourself! I always save up for something special for myself during the holidays. I even go through the trouble of wrapping it up and putting it under the tree.

Judith said...

LOL I never thought of that! I usualy don't get very much for yule, good idea!