Saturday, September 27, 2008

Going to Barbs

Going to Barb is always an expedition! GIGGLE I try not to let her know I'm coming too far in advance.... and this trip is why!!!!

I had to let her know I was coming because Matt was going down on a Friday to pick up his transcripts at East Brunswick High School..... so Barb was prepared for me!!!!!!

This is all that came back home with me!!!!!!!:

1. Smoked glass sofa table (WOW DID I NEED THAT!!! It's perfect!!!"
2. four cup coffee maker (?????? well, I might use that)
3. Two 12 packs of soda (LOTS of soda!!!)
4. A LARGE POT filled with 2 HUGE PALM TREES!!!!!! (MONDO HUGE!!)
5. A large box of snacks and such for Matt, including her famous Zucchini Bread, coffee and filter for the coffeemaker, and a HUGE box of pita bread snack crackers!

Ohhhhhh we are NOT done yet!!!

6. A hanging 4 tear stainless steel basket thingie
7. A wet sand play kit for the grandkids.
8. A Christmas gift for me!!!! YIPPIE
you know those heating packs that are filled with herbs and such, that you microwave???? Well this is one of those, but it's the size of a blanket you would put in a crib!!!!!!!!!!! You can heat that sucker up and wrap yourself in it!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh sweeeeeeeeet!!!!!!
9. An EXTRA BIG HUGE jar of Artichoke hearts!!!! YUMMY!!
10. One large green wicker basket (you can see it on the other blog with my fall leaves in it!)

I THINK that's all of it.... but Matt stayed there till his friends picked him up, so she might have passed off more things to him.... I'm hoping not, but you never know.

You know what I LOVE about Barb??? She hears me!!!! She actually hears me!!!! Everything I got was something I mentioned I wanted or needed over the last YEAR!!!!

She remembered, and got them for me! Of course, like the sofa table and coffee maker, they were a use, and reuse product.... We love to pass stuff back and forth, like furniture.... why buy new when you can re-use????

A little cleaning, sometimes some spray paint, and you have a wonderful new piece of furniture!