Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boys are soooo dumb! GIGGLE

I was outside, laying in the sun, and my son started bothering me....."why don't you do that at the beach?"

Like DUH.

I'm just starting with my sun tan, and because of that I only stay in the sun for about 15-30 minutes, every day or so. I know how to work up to a day at the beach, and I won't do that till I have a nice base coat of tan.

Besides, the gas money to drive to the beach, and the money for parking....WHY? For 15 minutes???? Just not worth it..... Yet

But soon I'll be spending the day down there, and then it's worth the gas and parking money.

My sister no longer suns at the beach...... she says it causes wrinkles? I'm at the beach every day almost during the summer.... and I have almost no wrinkles!!!!

Just to show you, wrinkles come from inside a person, not from the outside. And no matter what anyone says... I LOVE THE SUN, THE BEACH, AND THE TAN!!!!


Steph said...

Although I'm mostly a night person, I love the beach too! I hear ya about working up to the sun and tanning! That's better than burning and peeling your way through the summer!