Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sound like anyone you know????

When I read this, I was shocked, seems I know a few "friends, family, and ex's" like this!!!!!

A psychic vampire is anyone that drains the life
energy or spiritual vitality from another human being.

Psychic vampires take on all manner of shapes and descriptions;

they are co-workers, lovers, strangers, emotional abusers, anyone who saps your vitality can be a psychic vampire.

It is important to be aware of the psychic vampire mind set as this can provide clues as to whether you are a victim of their influence and lowering of spiritual energy.

In many ways psychic vampirism is a personality type and the following list
details 10 attitudes or thought processes which a psychic vampire might
feel toward another human being.

1. My happiness is more important than your happiness. You are responsible for
my happiness.

2. My needs are the most important needs; your emotions exist to serve mine.
I will take from you until there is nothing left to take, and then I will
Grow angry when I cannot receive what I desire from you.

3. You are only necessary in that you supply me with energy and support. In the
end I will make sure that you aware of just how unnecessary you are.

4. My life is the only life with meaning and value. All others exist only to
support mine.

5. I will use whatever means I can to take what is mine. Your energy is mine
for the taking.

6. I am not responsible for my own spiritual energy. You are responsible for
sustaining me.

7. I take from you because you have allowed it.

8. I will support you inasmuch as I would support a herd of cattle or the
growth of a crop.

9. I have no emotional attachment or investment in you as a

10.You are a means to an end.

Notice the recurring themes of domination, control and dependence. Psychic
vampires depend on others for their energy; they feed off of the spiritual energy of those around them and often look for individuals with an originally
heightened sense of spiritual worth and vitality.

Such individuals are highly sought after by the psychic vampire as they provide a stable source of life energy to drain.


Steph said...

Yes, I know QUITE a few of these types! You know you've encountered one when afterwards you feel tired from just listening to them gripe or if you start to avoid talking to them because the world has done them so wrong and nothing is ever good in their life! They are always crying woe is me and you never get a chance to tell your own story. You can't always take. You have to be willing to give back to others.