Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm walking, yes in deed, I'm walking

I'm walking!!!!! Yep, me, the woman who hates to walk anywhere!!! Not only that, but the doctors (bless their stupid unknowing brains) said NOT to walk.

Yes, I have bad knees. Really bad knee's.... the kind of knee's that call for heavy medication pain pills.... but I don't take pain pills..... and have refused many doctors, many times, to put me on them!

My opinion: Better to COPE then DOPE!!!

But I decided that even though I have kept up with the vegetarian life style for 2 years.... I needed more. and I promised myself that when the weather warmed up I would walk.

needless to say.... I make a lot of promises to myself! GIGGLE And most don't ever come to bare..... but this time it did.

I started going around the block, then 2 blocks.... then the major one.... I WALKED TO THE WAWA!!!! 7 years here, and I always took the car there!!!

This morning was the 2nd time this week I walked there!!!! I'm soooooo proud of myself I could hug me to pieces!!!! Of course, I should mention that as a reward, I buy myself a candy bar!!! You didn't expect me to be TOO good did you?

Now I'm upping it a bit, and I'm gonna walk 2 times a day around the park. I'm trying not to do too much, don't want to hurt myself and then have to stop.... so I'm taking my time building up the walking.

Eileen once told me.... that she had nightmare of me getting back to my old cute shape.... now I think my shape now is cute.... but she better watch out! All this walking, and boosting my metabolism, I may find that old shape hidden there somewhere.

You gotta understand.... I'm not one of those idiots with weight problems. I have no problem with my weight! I'm fat, and I love it!!!! And so do the men!!! giggle

I've never felt the burning need to loose it all, unlike my sister... who's skinny, but feels she's too fat ALL THE TIME. I see myself in my minds eye as a skinny minnie. giggle. And that's good enough for me!

I don't wear too tight clothing..... like Eileen who's clothing always looks like it 10 sizes too small for her...doesn't she realize that tight clothing only makes you look FAT???? You can be skinny as a bean pole, but if your clothing is so tight the buttons gap.... you look FAT!!

(now, in case you don't see it.... sarcasm is in play about myself.)

I keep myself up, always wear makeup, even if I'm sitting home all day, wear comfortable clothing, and now eating and walking right.

Ohhhhhhhh I'm soooooooo special! giggle

Good think I know how to laugh at myself! giggle, cause I laugh all the time. giggle