Friday, May 29, 2009

Shore Leave cancelled do to lack of moolaa

Well, my thoughts about going to shore leave have ended!

My son needing additional immunization shots before he's off the Rutgers, put the kabash on it!

Having no health insurance, I have to pay for the shots, and unfortunately they run like $300 a shot. I already paid for one.... and he has 5 more to go. sigh And it all has to be done by the end of July.... so poo!

I know it's silly, but I'm depressed and really upset about not going. I look forward to this every year.... sort of a goal I put to myself.... trying to raise the money to go.... and I did it again this year, but now the money has to go to more important things..... and getting Matt off to Rutgers is MONDO IMPORTANT!!!

I'm not going to cancel the room to the very last minute.... hay, you never know, do ya.... but I'm sure it's a lose, lose situation.

Unless one of my friends offers me a place in their room.... but most of the time they mooch off of me.... so I doubt that will happen.

It's funny, since most of them make triple what I make in a year..... they mooch off of me anyway. giggle!

So don't expect to see me laying by the pool. *sigh*

Somebody promise to squeeze Keven Sorbo's butt for me!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!