Thursday, May 28, 2009

Helping spell

Spell for Releasing Ideals

what you need:

Small pieces of paper
heat resistant dish or cauldron

If using cauldron, light the charcoal briquette before you start the spell

Make a circle on the floor and place around the edge of it, ideals, that you have written on paper, that you wish to see working in your life. These could include freedom of speech, fairness in the work place, a new direction in life, and anything else you wish for.

Stand in the center or the circle, and call upon your goddess and the points of east, west, north and south..... then say:

I call upon the powers that be
To release within me, Three times three
The morals that I wish to see
The ideals that will now spring free!

One by one pick up the papers and read aloud the ideals three times each.

Think how you will effect this change in yourself or your world.

Open the circle and gather them, keeping your thoughts on the ideals. Place them one by one in a fire.

As the smoke rises, your power rises to the cause.