Friday, May 29, 2009

Selfish People

I'm soooooo tired of self centered selfish people!!!!!

I was cleaning house, when I got a call from one of my friends....Karen is cool. She's sweet, nice, and most of the time interesting.... but I guess I just never noticed a fatal flaw in her. She's self absorbed!

I also noticed that when I talk to her, all I do is ask questions about what SHE said, and bolster her up, and cheer her on.... and so on! I never get a freaking chance to talk about ME! I guess I'm being selfish too, but some times I want to talk about MY problems... and I'm never allowed to do that.

I'm a quiet person, I don't talk much about myself, and now I realize why... NO ONE GIVES ME A CHANCE!!!

Good listener, yep that's me, I'm a great sounding board, and I guess that makes me a non-person.

Even Barb.... If on the wild off chance she asks me about myself... she usually cuts me off in a few seconds to tell me something about her DAUGHTER!! Her daughters dating problems, or work, or so on and so on and so on! Or her garden, and her flowers, and her bills..... you get the picture.

But, back to Karen, she's having trouble getting a mortgage.... who isn't? Duh! It's not like she has a bid in on a house already, she's just getting pre-approved for one..... and I sat there thinking that the last... like, 10 phone calls from her.... were just that, all about her!!!

Never once did she ask me how I was doing, or what was new in my life. Or even ask my opinion!!!! I got things to bitch about too you know!!!!

Her calls start out talking about her problems, and go on and on and on and on..... about the same things!!!! When I do get a few words in.... on the rare occasion, I really don't think she hears me!

I tested that last night. I managed, while she was taking a breath, to say something about Matt going to Monmouth Collage, not Rutgers.... the one he's really going too....

and she didn't react. Didn't say ????? Monmouth???? Nope.... nada, I knew then that when I do talk to her, she's really not hearing me..... and it's a shame!

I think it's time to do a real "house cleaning" and leave behind those who just use me as a sounding board, and try to find some real people who really care about ME.

Maybe that's impossible, but I have to try