Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial day

WOW what a crazy holiday weekend!!!!

First, both Matt and I invited friends over for a bar-b-q. Not bad, he just invited 2 and I invited 2.... so nice and calm....RIGHT!

Bought tons of food, and then it all started going downhill! GIGGLE

Matt's friends cancelled, cause they ran out of money (boys!) and didn't have enough to get down here. Then I had to mention the holiday traffic, and my friends cancelled also........

But I was cool with all that. Hay! Any weekend friends come over is a holiday weekend.... and my friend will be over next weekend, and probably Matt's too... so its fun

Matt put some ribs on the grill (that one package of ribs I didn't freeze... all the rest of the food is good for months! giggle), and we pigged out!!!! It's great not having to share food!!! GIGGLE

So, Saturday night I'm sitting in my nightgown, when there's a pounding at the door. Now, you see, usually my friends Brenda and Alan have a memorial day bar-b-q, but they had to go to his parents this year.... so nada

But that didn't stop them!!!!! Here they were, pounding at my door at night, with a ton of sushi!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH SUSHI!!!!

This pic is Alan with ONE of the trays.... there were a ton more. Idiot did the whole sushi chief thing!!!

Funny since he's Jewish, and a doctor... but he does a great impression of an Asian chief... (cross between Kermit the frog, and that weird scientist Muppet!!!) and since Alan who doesn't have a clue how to cook ANYTHING, but boiling lobsters!!!! Thank the goddess he bought the Sushi!!!!

So we sat there and pigged out again!!!! Brenda, who was in a foul mood after spending the day with Alan's parents... had a drink or two or three, and giggled the night way... ahhhhhh stress relief!!!!