Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm soooooo PISSED!!!!!

For as long as I've been here, seaside heights beaches are FREE on Wednesdays and Thursdays!!

Making it very affordable to me, low income lady, cause the parking costs a fortune.... so getting on the beach free is cool!!!

This year they have stopped it. NO FREE DAYS!!!! A lot of people are doing this now, we're in recession, have no money, but they are upping the prices to FUCK WITH US!!

Does that make sense???? People have NO MONEY.... so lets RAISE THE COST OF SHIT!!! JACKASS'S!!!!!

Now, I have to admit, a season pass is only $30 dollars.... and since the beach fee is $5 a day, it's worth it if you go for more then 7 days out of the season.... but still.......