Friday, July 24, 2009


Only 5 weeks before he's off to school!!!! And I'm getting more excited every day!!!!

You see, I'm still a vegetarian, with seafood added..... but I never can buy the food I want to, because I have to make sure he has enough meat and stuff. So instead of buying fresh fish, and seafood, I buy the frozen cheap shit, that tastes like ............ well, it tastes like nothing at all. The frozen stuff just is bland, bland, bland.

Soon, I can buy FRESH SEAFOOD, nice fresh fish, and shell fish, and lobsters, and clams, and.... so on and so on. Because, though I still need to have some stuff in the freezer for when he's home on the holidays.... I don't need to spend all my money buying stuff for him!!!

So I'm really excited about my first shopping trip after he leaves!!!!!!


Steph said...


Mary said...

"being a total smart ass here" puts out the warning to every lobster and crab within a ten mile square radius of ocean county RUNNN for your tiny shelled lives if you know whats good for you. giggle

Anonymous said...

LOL your friends are a riot! but go ahead and tell them to run, maybe they will run out west to me!!!!!!!