Wednesday, July 15, 2009 he comes!!!!!!

Working hard at getting the boy ready to LEAVE!!!!!
And this is just my stuff, he's handling the financial aid, and all the other crap they are tossing at him.

All the shots, except for 1.....done

New clothing (well some Levi's and underwear, new boots, and sneakers)....done

Ordered sheets (seems beds at Rutgers aren't regular size!)....done

Got some box's for him to pack up stuff, but need to get some more.

I'm sure once he's at school MOST of my stress will be over with!!!!

Might as well say it...... since Barbara, Jamie, and I (haven't asked Steph, but I'm sure she'll agree also) all agree......


Hope it's over soon. Looking forward to being able to sleep at night!

Even though I missed most of my time crabbing, and going to the beach, once HELL summer is over, I can only hope next summer will be much, much, better.

I'm afraid I'm not good with stress.... I LOVE peace, quiet and good fun.... but stress SUCKS!


Dreamers Night said...

I'm sorry I have to disagree here, I refuse to see this several month period as Summer! I've skipped Summer this year, and am just refering to this as the dark period. Althought you are right it has been HELL!