Sunday, July 26, 2009

List of things to do in the fall

WOW! I have a HUGE "to do" list for this fall.

Why wait till fall, well the best thing is the boy is going to be gone.... I hate having him around while trying to do the big stuff, he keeps insisting he should help, and he does crappy work, sorry, but true.... and the fall weather is great for working in the house. You can have the windows and door open, and it's cooler.

First thing to be done will be my bedroom. I'm waiting for him to leave, because my computer is still in my bedroom... when he goes, it moves back to the back bedroom, and I can clear out the rest of the stuff and paint.

I was a little worried about the walls..... now I do live in a double wide trailer... and when I checked, the walls are regular wall board, but they are covered with a vinyl paper.

I was worried that it would be hard to paint!!! But last night I tested one wall, and boy was I WRONG! The paint went on smooth and perfect... so I'm good to go. What color? welllllll, that's still up in the air, but I'm thinking of a very, very light green... but I may still go for a beige... can't decide yet. Oh, and I want to paint the trim, doors and moulding, white.

Next will be the kitchen. I really hate those cabinets. I may paint them white, but then again maybe I'll just paint over the flowered walls, but then again..... geeeeeeeze can't make up my mind on that one, I'll have to wait and see how the fates direct me.... but really leaning to white cabinets.

Then the living room, now that's 2 things because my living room, dinning room are all in one big room. So I'm thinking wood floors.... but then again, maybe just tile in the dinning room, and carpet in the living room... that's another option.

And then (dummm dmmm dummm) comes the boys room! I have to leave it as it is for when he comes back to visit and over the summer.... but the carpet has GOT TO GO!!! It was already a mess when we moved in, but the rooms not too big, so I figure I'll get a remnant and do it myself. Then paint the walls, fix the curtins, and put the bed UP ON A FRAME!!!! He's got it on the floor and it's totally tacky!!! I want to be able to use it during the school year, as a guest bedroom, so It's gonna look nice!

A lot of work for the fall, but it will be worth it in the end.


Mary said...

i would say go for the light green your a springy girl you love to plant looking at that color would remind you of that time of year in the dead of winter :)