Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Mom's house.... revisited!!!!

These are the Pictures he posted when he sold it!!! This is the living room with new floors and heating

This is the new kitchen, minus the pealing linoleum floors and dark cabinets

And this is what he did with the dark, scary, water filled basement!!!!!!

I have to say I'm a total BITCH with real estate.

I sold my moms house when she passed, and I know some people thought It sold for not enough... but I got it sold right before the market went DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!!!

Recently I found the new owners listing, he was a contractor who bought it, and fixed it up... AND BOY DID HE FIX IT UP!!! It went from a two bedroom with an attic bedroom..... he listed it as 5 bedrooms!!!

The pictures were fantastic!!!! He redid the WHOLE kitchen!!! New cabinets, and ceramic floor.... redid all the floors too great wood ones, and added a bathroom up stairs!!!! Something I wished for all my childhood when our rooms were up there, no bathroom, and most of the time no heat!!!!!

He also redid the ENTIRE BASEMENT!!! Made another bedroom down there, and a laundry room, and a family room!!!!!!!!!

He didn't show the back, but it seems he turned the screened in porch into a "Florida sun room" what ever the fuck that is!!

BUT THIS IS THE BEST PART..... AFTER ALL THAT WORK, HE SOLD IT FOR ONLY 60 THOUSAND MORE THEN HE PAYED FOR IT!!!!!! Considering all the work he did with it, it means he made NOTHING!!!!

I shouldn't be so happy, but it means I sold it just at the right time for a fantastic price!!!!!! And considering that the place was falling down, the furnace was 60 years old!!!! the wiring way below standard, flooding basement, termites, and to top it all of, in my opinion,it was haunted!!!

He did so much work on it... I'm totally flabbergasted!!! Basically he must have gutted it...replace all the wiring, insulation, and plumbing!!!! (did I mention it had no insulation???)

I'm very proud of myself! giggle ohhhhhhhhh how vain I am!