Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Fall "to do" list is growing!!!!

This is my fall to do list, things I want to work around the house, but need the cooler weather to do it all.... check back often cause' I'm sure it's going to GROW!!!

1. Paint my bedroom

2. Replace cloth washer hose's...they are the old rubber type that fail, need metal ones

3. Replace my bathroom facet, and lights over the sink (so 60's looking!)

4. get a water filter for my kitchen

5. Paint boys room----DONE!

6. Get bed frame for the boys bed----DONE!

7. fix the curtains in the boys room, sew them and put new rod up (yippie got sewing machine!!!! can finally stop using safety pins on curtains!!!!!)-----DONE!

8. Get a new rug, and install it myself in the boys room

9. New sink, and faucet for the boys bathroom (the people before us had this house for 6 MONTHS! And managed to ruin the sink!!!)

10. Over the toilet storage rack, rattan for the boys bathroom

11. Paint TV stand black to go with the rest of my furniture

12. New carpet or hardwood floors for my bedroom... not sure, carpets fine, but I want something different, rooms not as small as it looks, so gotta save up money for this