Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frog Magic

This mind of a frog spell is used to evoke a new mind set on an enemy or someone
that is harassing you or someone you know.

As always with casting magic spells and curses
on enemies, be careful what you wish for, because magic always
has a way of returning itself.


This spell gives person mind of a frog. You need to
point on a person and say...

"Higady, pigady, pong! I give you a mind of a frog"


used in old times and really does work. Try it and you will see.

This spell is intended for people who want to remove some wart off their body no matter how big or small they are.

Get a one small pea, touch the wart with the pea, fold it in a paper and bury it in moist ground, I repeat MOIST GROUND.

As the pea rots, so the wart will go away.


Wait for the full moon to cast this wart removal spell, as you need the power of the waning moon to bring it to fruition.

Take a small light blue piece of paper and write, "Wane this wart" on the center of the paper. Sign your name below.

Light a baby blue candle, the color of health, and allow a few drops of wax to drop on the paper over the words "Wane this wart." Make sure the drops fall in one single puddle.

Rub a fresh pea over the wart. It is most powerful if you have a garden and can harvest a pea, but any pea will do. As you rub the wart with the pea, repeat three times,

"Merry moon, merry moon, take this wart and take it soon."

Place the pea on top of the wax and carefully wrap the paper around the pea. Bury the pea in moist dirt, where the pea will quickly rot, preferably near tree roots. Re-light the candle every night, repeating the chant three times. On the next new moon, your wart should be gone.

This is not a spell, but it seems to work every time with a wart. Cut a piece of silver duct tape to cover the wart, keep it on, replacing it when it starts to fall off or gets wet. Check every other day or so, and the wart will be gone while your not even looking!!!!!


Rue said...

Oooh - all very interesting! I've heard the duct tape one. Also I've heard that essential oil of lemon works!

I can think of a few people that could use the mind of a frog...kidding...mostly.

The Frog Queen said...

I have to say....spending time trying to rule over all the frogs in the world....giving the mind of a frog to a person could backfire....those frogs are spiteful little buggers sometimes :D Oh and as dumb as a box of rocks....but don't tell them I said that!

Sorry - being my usual silly self!

Great post. Did not know about the duct tape or lemon essential oil. Good to know.


Judith said...

OH OH now you did it! you called them names...... I'd be careful! GIGGLE Please Frogs!!!! It wasn't me that said it!!! (cringing down with my hands over my head!)

Anonymous said...

I just had a really weird experience. I was reading your blue candle wart removal ritual ( mainly because I had a wart on the end if my tumb). Though I do it practice magic, iwas running through it in my head durning some down time at work and was thinking about trying it when I got home. I then went to the restroom. While washing my hands I noticed something felt different on my thumb. I looke and saw the wart hanging from a small peice of dead skin. I remove it easily with a pair of fingernail clippers. There was no pain or blood. Just a small hole where the wart seed had been. I have had this wart a while. What are th chances of it falling off within ten minutes of reading the spell? Coincidence maybe. Mind blowing definitely.