Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This winter was so bad, dark and raining... that is when it wasn't snowing.... that as soon as the nicer weather showed up.... I got to TANNING!!!

Usually, every year when I go to my convention in July.... I put on my bathing suit, and look like the underbelly of a beached whale!!! WHITE, WHITE, WHITE!!!

This year I decided that if I'm going to be outside working in my garden... I might as well start tanning!

OK, now I don't know if it's the tanning, or just the idea that I can lay outside, on my swing, and worship the sun!!!!

But, worshiping it I have been!!!

I've also found out that I'm allergic to most suntanning cream, oil, or spray.... but that's OK. Because I always tan nice.

What I've been doing is going outside around 9 am... while the sun is shinning, but it's still cool... and laying out on the swing enjoying the rays!!! As you can see from the picture above, I have tanned... and all my freckles have popped out!!!!

I only stay there about an hour, then I go in, get dressed, and start working in the garden!

I'm telling you I FEEL FANTASTIC!!! I know all the warnings about the sun, but I've always been a sun bunny, and I always will be!

I, of course, wear shorts, but I put on my bathing suit top.... just so the tan looks good when I'm wearing my bathing suit at the pool.

I've done a lot of work in the garden. All my containers are planted. This year I went with dark red flowers, and yellow daisy style marigolds!

The rest of the planters are herbs, and of course the tomatoes.. and The Frog Queen "Magic pumpkin seeds"

I'll post some pictures later in the week.... cause It's raining AGAIN today, and the weather report says it might be a few days before it clears! SIGH But, it will clear, summer will come, and I will be lean, mean, and tan!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention I lost another 12 lbs. on this allergy reduction diet!!!! Not bad for not being on an actual "Diet"!!

Plus, with no allergy's making me feel sleepy and uncomfortable... I'm all peppy and energetic! Something I haven't been in YEARS!!!