Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've started packing

Oh no you don't!!!

I know you think I'm packing my clothing for Shore Leave.... that's 72 days away (I'm not counting... I swear!), but nope, not my clothing!

I'm getting the little stuff, stuff that is sooooooo easy to forget, together and putting it in the suitcase. Like?

Well, like my coffee. Now each room has a coffee maker, and comes with the hotel coffee and stuff.... but I have a special coffee that I call..."I've only had 3 hours of sleep and I need to be awake NOW!!!" coffee.

In a small Tupperware bowl, I put instant coffee, coco powder (yes, pure coco powder not a mix or anything) and sugar! Mix it all together, pop it in the Tupperware... and in the suitcase.

Now this coffee, with the mix of coco and sugar, will wake ANYONE UP!!!
Super strong!!! I will get you out of your room, dressed, and back to the convention.... and you won't even realize it's happened!! GIGGLE

And, yes, I'm bringing enough for a bunch of people! Even if my friend and daughter don't come with me... there are always people who hang around in your room!

Plus, regular coffee (all in little Tupperware containers) sugar, powdered milk. Also a real knife, fork and spoon and one dish (no paper crap for me!) cause I eat a lot in my room... instead of paying big bucks at the con.

(plus they only give you enough for one pot of coffee, and those tiny sugar and creamer packets that last for one cup... so I bring my own!)

A little plastic baggie with my favorite incense in it, and a incense holder.

Little baby deodorant, and mouthwash, and tooth paste (I use the hotel's shampoo, it's fab!!!)

I've got this cute cloth sock purse that I put little stuff in, such as, safety pins, sewing needle, black thread, little tiny pair of scissors, and band aids!

A bottle of fabreeze, the one that also has a germ killer in it. Like to do my sheets and blankets with it.

A little pill bottle that I saved from something... and in it I put, aspirin, my blood pressure pills for the weekend, allergy meds, even cranberry pills (in case someone complains about a bladder infection)some horded antibiotics, and anything else I can think I might need for the weekend.

Of course I have them all together, so I have to spill out the bottle to get the right pill..... but I have them. (I've forgotten all that shit, one time or another, and needed it... now I put it in early, and I'm sure I have it)

As I go along I'll think of other stuff that I should bring... and pop it in the suitcase.... so when it's a few days away, all I have to do is add my clothing and shoes.... and I'm done!

It may seem TOO early and TOO anal, to some of you... but when your bra strap breaks and you don't have another... who's room are you going to run to for a needle and thread?? That's right.....ME!!!! GIGGLE


The Frog Queen said...

That is actually a brilliant idea...all those little things are the thing I tend to forget too!! I am definately going to do this for my trip later this year!

Thanks my dear!