Tuesday, April 06, 2010


No, really, I'm not! Let me say that again... No, really, I'm not! hummmmm No, really, I'm not!!!


But truth be out, in some way I totally am!!!

Like my neat freak thing.... don't mess with my pillows on the sofa, or leave things out on my counter tops (unless, It's my things I leave out, and that's OK, cause it's MINE!)

Like this morning when I plucked every single, tiny weed on my lot, and then I wanted to go do my neighbors lots too!!!! ****Sigh*****

But worst of all I want to pack for SHORE LEAVE!!!!

Yep, NOW!

It doesn't matter to me that it's 93 days away!!! (did ya notice... I'm counting???)

It doesn't matter that everything would be wrinkled and smelly by then....


Maybe part of it is that know one has really POSITIVELY answered me about going with me!

My daughter is saying "yes", but she's got 4 kids, and things can change at any time... and Steph is still hemming and hawing... not quite sure if she's going or not... AND STUFF LIKE THAT DRIVES ME INSANE!

Of course, doesn't matter either way, cause I'm still going.... but... PLANS PEOPLE, PLANS, I HAVE TO MAKE PLANS!!!!

What kind of food to bring, what kind of clothing to bring, what amount of money do I have to have!!!

I'm like this Obsessive planner!!!!!

And, my suitcase is now in my closet.... it just glares at me every time I open the door... Like to say.. "fill me, fill me"!


Whew! I feel better now, no, the compulsion has not gone away, but at least I've shared with the world that I'm a total nut job!!!