Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yesterday it was raining and cold, and I decided to CLEAN OUT MY BEDROOM CLOSET!!!

Not just clean it, but purge it!!! Finally get rid of all the clothing that:

1. didn't fit... but liked it anyway

2. was from the 60's, 70's and so on

3. Clothing friends gave me, and that I didn't want to get rid of in case I offended them.

4. "What was I thinking" clothing... yeah, you know what these are!

I closed the drapes, got undressed, and put all the lights on by the mirror, and proceeded to try on everything!!! And then made piles... things to chuck, things to keep, and things that, even I, had no clue why I got them!

I feel soooooo much better now!!!

I also have a section in my closet that I call, the "star trek convention section"!

Things I buy to wear at the cons, that I don't wear anywhere else for fear of staining them (big boobed women and food stains, need I say more?)

I found stuff there that I didn't remember having!!! Sure cut my shopping trip for the con in July down to nothing!! Got all I need, and didn't even remember I had bought them!!!

I keep thinking about the stuff in the bags.... and fighting the need to go thru them again and keep some stuff! (WHY do we get so attached to clothing we can't or won't wear????)

I did keep one tie-dyed tee shirt that I've had since before I got married!!! And I would have been married 36 years!!! It's really old, but still fits, and brings back memory's of being single... who could get rid of that???????

But, other then that I'm tossing the rest! I promise, no going into the bags, everything gone, gone, gone!!!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

You go girl. I have done that very thing in cupboards and cabinets and next is the closet. I am in awe of your will power not to do "take backs". If the give away piles stay long at my house...things sneak out of the bags and back into the clutter. It's scary.

Rue said...

Very liberating to get rid of things you won't wear anymore! Good for you!