Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling Good!!!

I was so happy with the response of my last give-a-way that I'm doing it again!!!

I was going to give away a spell book, but I know my lady's, and my lady's like jewelry!!!

So this is the newest prize. It's a sterling sliver pentagram, with a genuine garnet heart dangle!

This is a very heavy piece! good solid weight!

The Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. If your business is not as good as it should be, just put 3 or more garnets on your desk. It is believed that if a garnet is put under a pillow it will cure depression. Garnets can be used to make a person popular and have self-esteem when worn as jewelry. It helps protect one on trips. Garnets bring constancy to friendships. Garnets are also known for stimulating success in business.

Garnet comes in many colors, but now we will speak only about red Garnet. The Garnet is associated with the thyroid and spleen. It helps cleanse and purify both when held over the area. The Garnet is usually held in the hand or placed on top of the head when searching or meditating on past lives. Information that is beneficial and helpful will usually be released for the searcher.

The Garnet is a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of love and compassion. The information released in a search may be painful, but it will always be what the searcher needs. The Garnet will help every one's security level and spiritual awareness.It can help increase the sex drive.

The rules are the same as before,
post about it on your blog,
follow me,
and leave a comment.

This one I will pick on October 13th, so you can have it by Halloween!


Leeanna said...

Oh my!!! Judith you gone an dun it again woman! I love BLING. You know me, I will be blogging on this one. I get my camera on the 24th of this month. Only 2 days before my b-day...*dancing*... so I'll be posting a picture of my last winning from you. Can't wait!

Chris in the Emerald City said...

Oooooooo.... That is NINE KINDS OF AWESOME!!! Pick me, pick me!!!


Ellie (Phoenix-Lily) said...

Oh it's so pretty! Pick me pwetty pwease?

Milos said...

Very gorgeous, the black heart makes me think its perfect for this time of year how the darkness of the season is coming. Beautiful

Judith said...

the garnet is blood red! almost black

VintageSage said...

Oh now that is gorgeous!!! I want it. How's that for visualization? Lol! I'm on your facebook and I follow you, yay!

Diandra said...

Oooh, shiny! Pick me! *jumpsaroundlikeamadwoman*

Melz said...

So beautiful! I would love to win :D Although, if I do, it will end up being a gift for my Mother, it screams her!!

Birgit said...

Hi Judith,

I am your newest follower. :) Thanks for offering such a treasure! I hope it's okay that I don't do the Facebook thing. I one of the very few people left on earth who don't have a Facebook account, you see. I will be sure though to put a link to your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog. :)

-- Birgit

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I just found you! I will post about you tomorrow on I'm adding myself as a follower to your page too :P