Saturday, September 04, 2010


I'm totally grumpy today!

You know what I can't stand! People who copy me!!! It sucks!

I have an idea, I tell people about it, and off they go!!!

Not only do they copy me, but, yes I will admit it, they do it BETTER then me!!! (sigh)

This has been happening for as long as I can remember. I'm, like, every body's MUSE!

And to top it off, they never give me a freaking thank you, or anything.

It's probably because I'm too honest. Like my cheesecake recipe. I've had people travel miles just to get some when I made it! But I was always totally honest, and told them that the recipe came from a friend of mine..... Not my recipe, but glad your enjoying it!

Yet, I've been there when a friend made the cheesecake, basked in the glow of people loving it.... but NEVER ONCE DID THEY SAY IT WAS MY RECIPE!!!!! Really??? And I'm sitting right there????? And you don't say ANYTHING????

And I always gave out the recipe!!!! See, this is the problem. when someone likes something I'm doing, I just GIVE IT to them!!!

I used to make beaded jewelry. Every one love my stuff, and I just gave it away to all my friends!!! Never once taking money for it! Now someone who copied me is making it, and selling it to stores! Grump, Grump, Grump!

And there are tons of other things I think of, or do, and people steal and call their own! I never say a damn word! I'm such a woosy!

See, I refuse to compete. I just don't like it, so when the stealer steals from me.... I just back down and stop doing what I was doing.... why? No clue!

The life of a Muse is sucky!

Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut, never show anyone anything I'm doing, and keep it all to myself???

sigh, but I'm just not like that! You ask, I give, it's me!

But I think I'm allowed to be grumpy about it every once in a while! Hump! Grump over.


Linda in New Mexico said...

I think you have a right to be grumpy too. BTW that picture of the kitty is too cute.
You're a very nice person to share and care as much as you do. The fact that folks take advantage of your goodness is a shame. But, I think that sometimes folks are so mindful of only themselves that they miss the part where they got the idea, pattern, recipe, from someone else. I have been copied and never said anything to the people who did it, but a mutual friend did. Didn't matter. The person still said nothing to me personally. Sorry you have frustration from non thinkers. It is very hurtful and takes a bit away from you and for that I am truly sorry.
vert word: bratedi. That's what those copy cats are bratedis and ugly critters besides.

Leeanna said...

You all better now?? Gosh I hope so. Cute little kitty picture. I don't have a muse :) cause I am one. Would you like me to hang around to amuse you for a bit? Give you ideas? Do your laundry? ahahahahahaaaaaa NO.

Judith said...

you had me at do my laudry!!!! that kind of Muse I would enjoy!!! giggle