Sunday, September 05, 2010

Water Magic

I've been getting ready for my water magic. I've grabbed all kinds of bottles, cleaned them up, and sterilized them.

Then I pick thru my crystals and stones, looking for those I want to use. Like aquamarine crystal for beauty, hematite or quartz for health, etc.

Add one crystal to each bottle. (or a few different ones! depending on what you want to infuse the water with!)

Then I fill them with water..... I am totally AGAINST bottled water. So I use regular tap water.... I have a filter on it so it tastes great, and I'm not polluting my enviorment with plastic!!!

I don't fill the bottles till the first full moon of October. Then I fill them, and leaving the caps off, I place them outside in full moonlight for the night.

The moon empowers the water and infuses the essence of the crystals into it.

The next morning, I cap them, and place in the fridge.

When I need a health boost, or a luck boost, I chug down a shot glass of the water!!

If your going to use the water within a months time, you can also add small springs of different herbs.... but for storing for the long use, I leave them out.


Diandra said...

Be careful, some crystals (like malachite) are bad for your health when you put them in water!