Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old home cure

I've been feeling like crap lately. I realized that I was Iron low, when I started craving ice cubes.... so I took the meds my doc gave me for my chronic iron deficiency.... and fucking WHAM!!! Guess who seems to be allergic to the meds?

Haven't taken them in a few years, so it happens I guess..... but I still felt shaky, weak, sick.... all of the stuff that Iron deficiency brings to the table.

What to do??

I remembered my Mother old time cure for the problem. Like when you have your period and get all weak and shaky.... my Mom took out the Molasses!!!

What luck!!!!!, I had some in my pantry.... don't even ask how old it was.... but it was there.... and miracle after miracle it was UNSULFERATED!!!! (I'm allergic to Sulfer)

So I put a giant tablespoon in a glass of milk! I know your saying "OH YICK" and your right..... molasses is not the best tasting thing in the world!

Within seconds of the first sip, I stopped shaking, and by the end of the glass I felt fantastic! Works super fast!!!

Thank you Mom for the old time cure, that works wonders!!!!


Diandra said...

Other great remedies for low iron include grape juice, several green vegetables (broccoli, most of all), nuts, amaranth (in muesli, for example) and, of course, meat (if you're not vegetarian).

Haven't tried molasses yet - my iron drops low from time to time, and there surely will be an opportunity sometimes this year.

halloween spirit said...

" . . . molasses is not the best tasting thing in the world." It's all in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder. My mother used to spread it on bread. I prefer mine in cookie form :)

Plumrose Lane said...

You know... this would be great for hyperglycemia too - which I suffer from. Thanks so much!
I'm not even sure how I found your blog but sure happy I did ~ loved visiting!