Sunday, September 05, 2010

Reused Hallowen Decorations!

A Halloween Snowglobe can be made from an old glass jar, plastic bugs and small stones, and some glitter.(green would be good)

◦Clean out the glass jar and dry.
◦Fill the jar with Karo syrup and place the stones and plastic bugs in the jar.
◦The top of the jar can be sealed in place with some silicone caulking to prevent the liquid from escaping.
◦Once the caulk has dried and the rim of the jar is secure, the Halloween Snowglobe will be slimy

You're ready to scary all those who wish to shake it up.

Tip: pimp up your Halloween Snowglobes by adding food coloring into the jars!

Make a Halloween Tree

◦Get a vase where you will place some bare branches
*Paint them black
◦Recycle old small Christmas tree balls by painting them black, white, and orange
◦Drawing Halloween shapes on them will add your personal touch to the balls
◦Hang those balls on the branches.

If you kept your pointy black hat from last Halloween, here is a really original and quick manner to recycle it. All you have to do is stick Halloween items like spiders and cobwebs or fake hands or fingers, and pin the hat to your front door.

You may even reuse the hat for Thanksgiving by exchanging the Halloween items with leaves, berries, and other Fall items.


Liz said...

That hat is absolutely gorgeous! I love it, great idea!

Zedral Z said...

I like the snow globe idea! I might have to try that. You can place little polymer clay figures in a snow globe too. I should get back into that. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

All great ideas! Love the hat!

Diandra said...

The hat is great! I always wanted to have a cornucopia to decorate according to seasons, but I might just as well take the hat until I find one.

The Blue Faerie said...

I agree, that hat is awesome! To the costume store! And then to Joanne Fabrics!