Thursday, October 07, 2010

End of summer....HELP!

during the spring and summer, all my house plants go outside. And the house is uncluttered for a while..... then in fall I have to bring them all inside!!!

This palm tree my girlfriend Barb gave me is freaking HUGE! Takes up most of my dinning room!

And then my kitchen counter starts to get turned into a tropical forest!

And my kitchen table? No one can eat there during the winter! Besides the plants, and the hanging bar for my herbs and stuff.... the garden statues have to come in also! I've lost to many of them because of the cold, so they come in and camp out for the winter!

Either I need a new house... with more windows.... or maybe I should cut down on the plants? And more are coming in this month!!! YIPES!


The Frog Queen said...

Plants are good! Love that you bring so much in for the winter. I know they appreciate it! :)


SpiritWings said...

It is great you take such care with your plants!! When I lived in the Midwest (not so long ago) I too had a handful I had to bring in for the winter. To make room at the time, I ended up setting up some temp. shelveing by the windows to help free up my counter space. Wasn't the most attractive looking (lolololol) but it did get the job done. =] (ps..I helped to make the shelves "blend in" so to speak by decorating them for the holidays and such.) Just an idea..
Blessings to you!!

Melz said...

I only have two plants to bring in and out, but with our small apartment for now just those two plants takes up tons of space! LOL
But it is always nice to have plants :)

Leeanna said...

I live your plants. They look so healthy.Looks like you need to look for a plant unit to hold them all while indoors.I keep all my plants outside for the winter except my palm the one you have. I used to bring in my rubber tree but it's now too big to move. Besides it's in this huge pot (so big you could hide a body in it)and it's too heavy to move. Got a bunch of bougainvilleas all over the place too. They can take the cold unless it hits 20 then I'll bring them in.