Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winter sleep

The figs, this being their first year staying out side for the winter, are all wrapped up in their winter coats. Next year I think I'm going to put them in the ground, instead of pots, because they are growing too big!

The small Fairy town of Herbage... that is situated between the Chive forest, and the peppermint valley... is covered in mulch for the winter. Even Fairy's have to keep warm.

And the pond lays deserted and leaf covered in the fall sunshine. When I went to empty it, I found the fish that lived there during the summer months had DISAPPEARED! I fear a cat or just hungry fairy's got the poor dear. I'll add more in the spring.


Cellar Door said...

Figs Wear Their Winter Coats rings like a perfect title to a wintertime journal! Perhaps a diary yet to be penned by a Fairy? Yes!

Happy Spirit Night!
Cellar Door